Getting into Twitter

I first heard about Twitter almost two years ago at a MicroSoft conference in Las Vegas. At the time I wrote it off as just one of the many “killer apps” that were being shopped around. Why should I care about a site that seemed to be nothing more than a web based message board where the only topic is what I am up to? So it came and went from my radar pretty fast.

But then recently it reappeared seemingly everywhere all at once. Folks were mentioning it in conversation when they needed to reference an example of web 2.0. Coworkers were updating their Twitter status on their BlackBerry in an attempt to fight boredom during a meeting. And it has been a constant conversation piece on Diggnation podcasts (one of my favorite podcasts and a must if your into technology, pop culture or off beat news).

Despite all the exposure I am not sure how Twitter seemed to make sense for me now and why I have adopted it as my digital journal. Maybe I have given up trying to stay in touch with people through conventional means like conversation over dinner. The best way to know what I did last weekend is to check Facebook and if your one of those rare individuals who cares what I am up to in real time, follow me on Twitter.

Don’t get me wrong, Twitter is not for everyone. First of all you have to be comfortable with mobile web (the point of it is to add content “on the go”, not just when you sit in front of a computer). Also, lets face it, you need to be a little full of yourself to constantly be writing updates on what your doing at that moment and thinking it is important enough that others are anxiously waiting to read it. Regardless, I have to say I am hooked.